Suggestions of actions that will contribute to an "enlightened government scenario:"

-We should just support organic farmers more. Make it mandatory for citizens to buy as much food as possible locally. This would lower emissions, strengthen infrastructure, and get people engaged in greener lifestyles. --Ben Rawson

-Consider the effects of agriculture on climate change. Take into consideration the benefits of vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Educating the public on this as human consumption can make a change in the environment!


As tree rings narrow, it generally means that the tree is getting older. In an enlightened government scenario, the greenhouse gas emissions could decline if we were to use more electric, wind or hydroelectric based power instead of relying purely on gas induced electricity.

Artist's Response:  You are correct to point out that tree rings narrow with the age of the tree, as well as in response to climatic conditions.  When tree rings are analyzed to understand the climate of the past, both factors are taken into consideration.  To simplify the diagrams in this piece, the thickness of the tree rings and the distance between the rings is dependent only on the climate models and not the age of the tree.


-Grow more hemp for paper rope etc and leave trees for oxygen.  --Michael


-We need more trees! We see in many parking lots plant small trees just as ornate! Don't bring any shadow at all! Why the landscape architects don't realize we need big tree! --Sal Vera


-I only use paperless billing now for my bank statements.  --Arturo


-Return to President Obama's plan for regulations on car emissions.  --Maria Flores Reves


-Nuclear reactors are the future.


-Fund the EPA


-Listen to scientists


-Mandate inter-agricultural architect residential and commercial, corporate designs are required without option of approval for delinquency via fine that ratio of agricultural green to regular construction material be equal to half this will add to the architectural design and extend job security in achieving this goal sustaining both business revenue and environmental friendly traffic as well as human sustainability congruent to dependency on organic trees and agriculture.  --Christopher Pruss


-Provide incentives to businesses so that the free market may once again prove the most effective problem solving tool as opposed to our highly inefficient government which is so trapped by the chains of bureaucracy that it is incapable of providing even clean water for its citizens, let alone saving the planet. For the government to be enlightened it bust be baptized with fire and cleansed from this earth. The government is a scourge which has passed as acceptable for too long. It is undeniably evil. The degree of this wickedness matters not as "degrees do not does not bargain about inches of evil."  --John Galt


The only thing that could change our pyscho addictive lifestyles is that there will be one huge natural disaster that completely takes us off the grid. Humans need a wake up call from Mother Nature. --Diego Coronado


Climate change is real


Letters of gratitude to the trees:

Thanks sharing knowledge to us :).  --Gabi


Is the air too dirty for you? Are you slowly dying?  --Judy Stout


Dear Trees -- you're awesome. Don't change.  --Zach


Technology is here for a reason. Save a tree!  --Kaitlyn


The beauty of trees, bare or full of bloom, makes me feel free. --Clare Starling


Why did you cut me down? Ow!


I remember as a child how your huge low heavy bloomed limbs provided shade in the summer heat. I remember how your low heavy bloomed magnolia limbs beckoned me to climb into your high canopy embrace. It was there in your large leafy foliage I could escape and hide in peace and solitude among the sweet deep fragrance of southern magnolia blooms for a lifetime.....and now you are no more. An emptiness feels my heart where the joy and strength of you once lived.  --Joey Sellers


I love trees.


I love Jr for growing more greens with me.  --Jassall Torres


Enjoy the trees! That is all we need.


Thank you for your beauty, and your endless care ❤️. --Deandra E


Without trees there will be no tissues without tissues you will lack basic hygiene without basic hygiene no one will like you if no one likes you you won't get married if you don't get married you will die alone so SAVE TREES.  --June


Do you make a sound if you fall and no one is around to hear it? --Terence


That was so awesome. It is where I live if you explore it is amazing. --Aidan Daly


I like trees because they are pretty.


Doom and gloom philosophy will only hinder human progress. As humans we must realize tha our continued existence relies on our relationship with Mother Earth. How we treat her is how she will treat us. As for me I love her and will treat her as such. Final thought, hopefully Mother Earth will grant forgiveness to myself and others as well. Until then I will live happy and well among the clouds. --Keith


Thank you trees for everything you've done for us and I am deeply sorry for what we have done to you in return, I am sorry. I speak only for myself but I am trying to convince others that we must all be sorry and not just be sorry but feel sorrow for you because being sorry and feeling sorrow are the difference between just saying sorry and actually taking action. I had to self educate myself but one day I hope we are all educated on the importance of the role you play and how fragile you are. I have hope. Thank you trees, I will continue to love you, and hug you daily of course, because without you there is no me and by me I mean myself, my siblings, my parents, my friends, and even my enemies, though I'm not sure I have any. All of humanity and all the other earth residents depend on you so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you ❤️.  --Justus Bradley


Thank you for the stuff you gave us like fresh air and for cleaning the air thank you tree☺️


Thank you trees for showing our grandkids the majesty of nature. --Marilyn Hanson


Sweet, life giving, precious trees, Thank you for all that you give, all that you bring, all that you shelter, all of it, always. With so much gratitude, Nikki


Life without trees is not worth living... where would we take shelter in the storm? Where would the birds live? Where would we find nuts, fruit. etc. So much beauty....the music the leaves make on a windy day... --Laura


Thank you trees for all that you do! --Allie


I wish trees could walk! --Kayl


Stop killing our trees before we all suffocate and die!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so thankful for trees, all of them ❤️ --Abbey G


Dear Trees, my one and only love, You bring so much happiness and beautiful energy onto this world. Thank you for giving us the gift of life and forgiving our race's horrible actions. May we bring back the peace once present in this world. -Kim Do


I have loved trees and all beings my whole life. I am older now and I fear more and more for our beautiful and vulnerable environment. So, in ADDITION to thanking the trees everyday, I wish to thank all of the younger people who love and care and protect our trees. You keep me hopeful and inspired.  --Maria


"The Giving Tree" is more than a metaphorical book about a guardian's love for its child; quite literally, it is about the use of natural resources to appease the human life. As I sit here on this stump, writing on an iPad embedded onto a stump, I know that like the boy and his tree, we must do more to compensate the relationship we have with these resources around us while they are still living. So Dear Tree, Thank you for paper, for which I have written many a sad song and joyous anecdote and dissertation. For oxygen when my asthma gets to me, and a playground when I had none. I look forward to seeing you grow--or fall from naturally occurring wildfires, if only to replenish the ground to bring newer trees in.  --Arianne T.


In behalf of trees, we want to know that we are grateful for your Love. --Tree


Dear Trees, It is my pleasure being part of this beautiful planet Earth in which we live. All I can tell you is that thanks to you I can breath in and out knowing you will be part of that chain reaction that allows oxygen to be produced. Thanks to you I can have a green and pretty back yard. I will fight for you, and I pledge to commit into finding ways so you stay where you are. You are part of my life and I can't truly live without you, therefore I thank you for everything and for you I will do what you do for me.


Trees. Sacred rings of the Earth and Sky.  --Dan Goldman


Trees are such a simple joy of life.  --Gigi


I love you so much and more like you do for everything that you do and you do everything that you do for everything that you do and you do everything that you do and you do everything for me.


Hello, i like this place.  --Dakota.  This is cool place I hope that I can come thank you for doing this for us. --Merisela


We need to save the trees. Love ❤️ vivienne


Is there anything more beautiful than a tree on a beautiful day? It is the epitome of the Earth --Vova


Hi I like trees.  Thank you for trees.  --Noah


Thanks trees for everything that you do. I know us humans aren't at our best right now but I promise you that we are working on it. We are warning people and more and more people are starting to realize the impact. Hopefully in the next couple of years everything is better. Thanks trees once again for everything that you do. --Esmeralda


Trees represent an experience on a longer time scale than our own. Trees do not experience days; they experience seasons. Trees do not experience campaigns; they experience civilizations. Trees are the very roots and canopies that shelter humanity from nature's elemental fury. In this way, we must acknowledge and and honor trees as they have protected and constructed our existence.  --Levon


Trees, y'all are the real homies out there.  Thanks for everything:).  Sorry people treat you terribly though:(  -Noemi


I love you.  --Vicente


Dear tree(s), You are my favorite part of San Diego. If it weren't for you, all of us mammals would suffocate from our own breath, so keep up the good work. --Rile


I love trees, especially old oaks. Thanks for the shade. :)  --Brent McD


Dear Trees, Your existence has made life simply pleasant. The qualities you possess could only come from a divine creation in which I am forever grateful for. With gratitude, Erica


Dear Trees, without y'all, life wouldn't be as #breathable. Love, your neighborhood ranger. --Brian


Dear trees, Some of the most important moments of my human life have happened amongst you and the forests you have created. Thank you for existing. I will do everything in my power to protect and nurture you. I love you. -Jillian Kazemzadeh


Thank you God for making trees for absorbing the co2. Help us to fight the companies that are so greedy and corrupt. Help us to care about the poor and' vulnerable people that we are affecting by our callous indifference. Help us to figure out that we are not the only humans. Amen -Anna Gasaway


Living form breathing live ,we remember you,from deep memory eternal,branching toward sun,waving arms in light,song of centuries wind. Companionless I honor you.


Thanks for air.  -Carson


Thanks for the beautiful colors. Yo the trees be good yo -Amanda


It causes me pain to see what we have done to you, the trees, and all the other living things we share our earth with. I know some of your kind have lived through multiple generations of my species and have patiently borne witness to the destruction we reap upon this planet. And yet you still give us food, air, shelter from a storm, beauty and most desired shade in times of increasing heat. The sound of leaves rustling in the wind is the best music one could hear. Every culture on this planet in the beginning had revered you, and rightfully so. We somehow lost our way. I will no longer look around to see if anyone is witnessing my speaking to you when I am out on a hike or walking in the neighborhood. Since I was a child I have known you are listening, and there is no valid reason not to acknowledge your spirit with the respect of a greeting. When I place my hand gently on your trunk and apologize for our violence and express my gratitude and love for you, I hope you know I speak the truth. Some of us care, some of us are aware, and we will do anything possible to make reparations. Let us hope there is still time to do so. -Stephanie Corkran


Dear Trees, Thank you for letting me take your photo so often! I'm sorry your always naked in them, but better than "plastic bag" treesI saw in Bolivia decades ago! But we are finally dealing with that here via reusable bags. We're sorry it 5 years for the San Diego City Council to pass it. Thankfully daughter Zapf stood TALL for you! We are so blessed by your amazing leaves, colors, smells, size, and not too forget canopy! Please remind us by having things,well parts of you fall on us when we forget for too long. Your Rings, like in hobit, shows us about life, love, hope and joy...but we can get greedy and forget. Strengthen us by your natural Wisdom. Making sound before things get too bad and we lose it all. And hug me when you can...really could use one of those return hugs about! Peace sister. Continue to STAND STRONG & TALL, lest you fall and we all become lost. See you again soon!  -Daniel,human = neighbor


Thanks to the trees any kind. Almos the tree gives to the planet earth food and protection of the environment. The fact is the humanity has abused of the land not protect enough. No more fossil fuels. Please no more warm weather.


Thank-you trees of life! --Michelle


I've learned that we can listen and see important messages from our land, our trees, our animals, and our weather. We share this space with all species and we must listen to them as they show us that our habits are not bettering the planet. We live selfishly for our own species. We must listen to all species that we co-habitate with. Great exhibit. Beautiful juxtaposition of science and art. Thanks for your hard work and creativity.


The trees are trying to tell us ...trying to come up with words not normally used, fragile, rooted, canary... well they don't tell, they just are. Which is what I guess we should be - honest and ourselves and mindful and beautiful.   -Robin Brailsford


I really appreciate your research and the thought processes within your creation. I often think about what the future holds as far as natural habitats of plants and animals with shifting environments and climate change. Thank you for creating this timeline based upon the study of tree rings in changing environments.   -Stephanie Williams


I want you to know my feelings. This is my poem: I love you. My life. I hope you live on. My happiness. My love. For you. -Anneke, age 8


I hope you live because you help me. I don't want you to die because I won't live and no one else will. -Irenee, age 6


We made it... superb installation and the prints are magical. The trees are saying. Cough, cough, ugg, get rid of the cars.  -Robin


Dear Trees,

You are so important to me! I have not had paper towels in my home for three years....Hope it helps!  #waterislife



We love you and need you to be happy.  We will try to save your water. - Allen Neuyen




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