Listen to the Trees

What can we learn by paying close attention?


This project is an invitation to contemplate the changes in San Diego's ecology

that we are witnessing currently and that may occur in the future.


The tree rings of Torrey pines are diagrammed in accordance with projections based on two scenarios of green house gas emissions,

the higher "business as usual scenario" (RCP 8.5) and the lower "enlightened government scenario" (RCP 4.5).

One Jeffrey pine tree ring diagram is based on historical data. Another represents the future based on the RCP 8.5 scenario.


Click on the red dots on a given tree ring to learn more about events that have occurred or might occur in a given year.

Many more stories to be added over the course of the exhibition, come back and see!


Write a letter with your suggestions of actions that contribute to an "enlightened government scenario."  Or write directly to the trees, expressing your gratitude for all that trees provide us.



All photos C Ruth Wallen