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text on photo reads:

Legends is an exciting new community in a class by iteself. One way or another you'll be irresitably attracted to the subtle enchantment of the Cleopatra model. The bold romanticism of the Don Quixote. The grand majesty of the King Authur. Or the gentle beauty of the Helen of Troy.

R. B. McComic

Homes for Sale Jan. 1989

Legends, an installation and series of artist books, is named after an actual San Diego suburban development. The work examines real estate marketing strategies throughout San Diego County that promote an idealized life while ignoring the local environment and cultural legacy.

installation view of the Gentle Beauty of the Helen of Troy The Gentle Beauty of the Helen of Troy
The Bold Romanticism of the Don Quixote
The Camelot
Cleopatra (a pyramid shaped dirt pile surrounded by palm trees The Cleopatra