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Cascading Memorials


front: Tan oaks, the first oaks to die from sudden oak death in northern California: behind; Goldspotted oak borer devastating oaks in southern California

Cascading Memorials is an on-going project to create public spaces to memorialize the rapid changes that are occurring due to climate change, urbanization and globalization. Memorials offer places to grieve, share memories and learn about the complexity of factors producing devastating environmental changes. While many fear that touching grief around the extent of environmental changes will lead to paralyzing despair, it is the fear of grief that closes hearts and leads to numbness. Mourning is active, demanding courage, a daring to be touched, to feel vulnerable and humble. As hearts open during the grieving process sense perceptions are heightened, compassion arises and the sense of interconnectedness of all living things becomes increasingly palpable.

Grief also demands accountability. Sharing grief publicly, one is not alone but can join the chorus speaking for those voices and beings who have been prematurely silenced, to ask why others have died, and to pursue alternatives to the technological, political and socio-economic policies that are leading to environmental catastrophe.

To see more view the exhibition Cascading Memorials: Urbanization and Climate Change in San Diego County.

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