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Cuyamace Forest after fire
Current Projects

Listen to the Trees
modeling climate change in San Diego County

New Photomontages

Cascading Memorials Overview

Cascading Memorials: Climate Change and Urbanization in San Diego County
exhibition at the Athenaeum Music and Art Library, 2012


Recent Works
dew flower
Dew Flower-a sculpture to collect dew

Dew Flower and Fog Loom
water collecting sculptures

The Sea As Scuptress:
website for Outdoor Exploratorium

Preserving Paradise:a conversation about suburbia, sustainability and climate change
Featured in Weather Report: Art and Climate Change, curated by Lucy Lippard



Reflections on Arroyo Seco

Participatory public art works inviting the viewer to explore their perception of the local environment.

Carmel Mountain Interpretive Panels
A World in a Puddle: San Diego's vernal pools

Reflections on Arroyo Seco

View Points at Tijuana Estuary

San Bernardino Children's Forest Interpretive Trial


An extensive examination of the frog both as an indicator of environmental malaise and of the human relationship to the natural world.

Endangered California Frogs


Bus Posters link updated

Projected Images

Web Site


Photographs and stories about looking closely at the natural world

Intimate Details
canyon building at Chaco Canyon

The Sea as Sculptress
the life cycle of the San Francisco Bay



Intimate Details


Installations and bookworks interogating the strategies use to market real estate in Southern California

I Love Del Mar


Greetings from San Diego

I Love Del Mar

see also Preserving Paradise


Bookworks exploring the personal and political

San Diego Palestinian Jewish Dialogue

When a City Turns its Back on its River

Russian Lessons

The Bold Romanticism of the Don Quixote

The Gentle Beauty of the Helen of Troy

The Camelot

I Love Del Mar

When a City Turns its Back on its River


Las Comadres, a multinational collective of artists, educators and critics working in the San Diego/Tijuana region.

Image from installation La Vecindad/The Neighborhood and performance Border Boda.


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